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Igniting Dreams 2024

Igniting Dreams 2024 

The 2024 edition of igniting dreams will be the 6th edition.

For the first time since its inception, the Igniting Dreams Summit 2024 will be a 3-day event.

Day 1 of the summit will be a high level, impactful platform for quality dialogue and discussions on key issues of entrepreneurship, investment, technology, innovation, and development.

Day 2 will feature a business pitch contest and an awards dinner.

The Summit will bring together participants from across all the 5 regions of Northern Ghana and beyond, such as entrepreneurs and innovators, government authorities, corporates, thought leaders and industry experts, policymakers, international development partners, investors, financial institutions, CSOs, academia and the media.

Day 3: Tour to Jirapa Dubai

Theme: “Developing Northern Ghana Through Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

Date: 5th, 6th & 7th January, 2024

Venue: Blue Hills Hotel, Wa

Main Activities

Keynote Speeches
Panel Discussions
Breakout Sessions
Networking Sessions
Business Pitch Challenge
Awards Dinner

Tour to Jirapa Dubai

Embark on an unforgettable day adventure to the vibrant city of Jirapa Dubai! Immerse yourself in the rich culture, awe-inspiring architecture, and luxurious experiences

Igniting 2024

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Igniting Dreams Fellowship & Prize 2024

Igniting Dreams Fellowship 2024:

Ten (10) exceptional young entrepreneurs will be selected to join the Igniting Dreams Fellowship 2024 and all of them will receive funding for their ventures.  

All fellows will undergo a 3-month training program ahead of the pitch day. The final phase of the training will be a 1-week boot camp in Wa where the fellows will be accommodated.

Igniting Dreams Prize 2024:

The top 5 winners, the Igniting Dreams Prize Winners, will not only receive the highest funding but also access a 6-month virtual accelerator program, starting February 2024.

Selection Criteria:

Stage 1
    • Screen applications for eligibility. Applicants who do not meet the eligibility criteria will be eliminated.
Stage 2
  • Assess applications and shortlist the top 30 for the final stage of interviews.
Stage 3
  • Interview the applicants to understand their business models and suitability for the program. The top 10 applicants will be selected to join the Fellowship and contest for the Prize.


+1,500 participants
+30 speakers & panelists
+15 strategic partners



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