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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions along with their answers:

I’m interested in volunteering on your team, how can I join?

Dear Youth Leader, Thank you for your interest in volunteering with CPI. We offer diverse volunteering roles in Operations, Finance, Development, Media, Publicity, Human Resources, Legal, and Administration, catering to university students and graduates like you.

To embark on this rewarding journey, simply send your CV to info@cpimpact.org or coalitioni18@gmail.com. Make sure to specify your preferred department and express your interest.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Where are you located?

We are headquartered in Wa, Ghana. Locate us Adjacent Handanan Hotel, Wa Poly Road, Napogbakole – Wa. 

How can I access funding from your organization?

You can access funding through our Igniting Dreams Program. However, you're welcome to send us your business proposal and fundraising deck, and we'll consider funding if we find your idea compelling. 

How can I be part of your programs?

Stay informed about our transformative programs by visiting our website and following us on social media. Turn on notifications to ensure you don't miss out! Connect with us on LinkedIn , Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter

When Will Be The Next Event?

Explore our upcoming programs and events by visiting our "Upcoming Events" page on our website. Discover the transformative experiences that await you. 

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